Want to cook like Chef Suzanne? Learn how!

Attend our classes, held at the Chef Suzanne Kitchen

Even if you never cook or you cook all the time, joining a class with the Chefs at Chef Suzanne’s Kitchen:

  • Teach you some new skills
  • Find new tasty dishes
  • Give your friends and you fun, fun, fun!

Learn different cooking techniques, find a wide variety of ethnic cuisines and cook nutritious, delicious meals for yourself or your family and friends.

As a former Frasier’s Gourmet Foods instructor, Chef Suzanne believes, “cooking does not have to be complicated, involve hours of prep work or require multiple trips to different grocery stores to serve up fabulous food”.

Our classes are entertaining, informative and structured for students with different skill levels. Students always leave Chef Suzanne’s Kitchen with smiles on their faces and satisfied appetites.

Food and equipment included in cost

Check back on this site often to find out about upcoming classes. You never know what will pop up!


Classes include all ingredients, class notes, recipes and beverage.

Email or call 317-913-0332 to register for a class.